Friday, May 2, 2014

it is time!

For a much needed "official" break from my blog!

- I will be back in a couple of months! Meanwhile, I will spend more time commenting on my favorite blogs! I am bored with blogging.

Let's face it, my kids are not having DAILY changes and neither is our house. Budget people. House progress is slow and expensive!

In the words of Mickey Mouse!

See you real soon!

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You will get to see stuff like this:


Monday, April 21, 2014

family picture. take 52

this was one of many pictures taken at my parents' house for Easter.  I had to pick one where at least FOUR out of FIVE of us are looking at the camera.  Oh Henry!

Happy Spring!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Amelia's room

Amelia has the Serena & Lily diamond quilt. I am working on shams & a gallery wall today!

I will be back...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy birthday Granny!

- Every year, April 7th, I take a picture of our three kids for Granny's birthday (Chris' mom).

I cannot believe how big our "TWINGLES" are getting now!

Monday, April 7, 2014

This was Hudson at Bee City (preschool field trip). Another mom sent me this picture.


I am still trying new recipes. The kids have liked a few. I will be back to share what they will eat.


I have officially switched to decaf coffee. I did it slowly. I drink coffee because of taste, not caffeine.

-Henry was fussing the other day. I walked in his room to the above. He was asking me why the iPad "would not take his birthday money to buy a game!" I only let them have free games.

These little guys are officially five years old. Kindergarten starts in the Fall!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Cooking for picky kids

- ham and Swiss sandwiches were a hit a few weeks ago. We have picky kids. All three would eat hotdogs, chicken nuggets, French fries, pancakes, and pizza every.single.night. I TRY to cook healthy. I make a vegetable every night. 90% of the time I have to make the kids eat their veggies (bribery usually).

-the kids loved Natalie's peanut butter cookies. Her recipe was the easiest:

1 cup of peanut butter
1 egg
1 cup of sugar

Mix ingredients together. Bake 12 minutes on 350 degrees. No flour in the recipe! Oh and half-way through baking I smashed the cookies with a fork. Sprinkle with sugar when you take them out of the oven. So easy.

-back to picky kids. For some odd reason - our kids would eat meatloaf every night! I think it is bc I use brown sugar in my recipe?? Hudson will eat avocado on occasion. Henry will eat cucumbers if I give them to him. Oh, and I make a salad every night. I have to bribe them to eat two bites. Ugh.

Any suggestions welcome!!

Off to read cookbooks and Pinterest!


Monday, March 10, 2014

five years ago today!

Here is my belly full of twins the day before the little guys were born!  I had no idea my water would break this time five years ago!  Tomorrow my little twin guys will be FIVE!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Fever

1. Miller Sandals
2. Swim time!
3. Gladiator Sandals
4. Whoops- I skipped! Bad blogger!
5. My favorite candle
6. Dress
7. Shorts

I have serious Spring fever! I am tired of Charleston going from 70 degrees to 30 degrees in twelve hours!

I am off to look at Disney World websites. Hubby says we MIGHT be going in November! All five of us!

Yesterday's post about Henry update! He did a great job apologizing to his friend and school employees. Henry was not able to use/play electronics yesterday. I also took his blanket (his right arm-ha!) away. I think he may of learned not to spit on anyone or anything again. Time will tell!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Henry did what?

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about Henry spitting in a classmate's face?

Henry is back at it again!

January 2014

-this cute little dude who used to wear my high-heals, climb in his sister's dollhouse, and climb in my broken chair is making me crazy (kidding).  Henry does not seem to care much about punishment.  He just carries on with whatever he needs to do or not do.

-a few weeks ago another classmate scratched Henry.  This child's mother made him write Henry a note saying he was sorry (brilliant).  I tried the same on Henry:

-It worked!  Henry was so upset over writing the letter!  I finally found some punishment!

*Here are some other ideas from my FB friends:

·         Yard work like picking up sticks ...etc!
·         Clean toilets!
·         Early bedtime while you do something he'd be interested in with his siblings for 20-30 mins.
·         Make or buy a dessert for everyone else to enjoy tell him he can't have any because he was disrespectful to someone else and their food.
·         Make him bring a treat for the child whose lunch he spat in. Henry should have to give the child the treat and apologize. And no treats for Henry for a while.
·         Ask him how he would feel if someone spit on his things? See what he says. Then ask what ge thinks he should be doing to make it better. It just sounds like he is wanting attention for something be it even negative behavior. Just a thought. See if this approach helps. Good Luck! 
·         Make him eat the one he spit in.
·         I would take away TV and make him stay in his room and only allow him to read/look at a book sitting on his bed.
·         Treats for Amelia and Hudson but not Henry and give the child whose lunch he spit in a treat with an apology.
·          Does he like to be separated from Hudson - that worked for Courtney and Robert - they hated to be separated.
·         I am thinking he needs to eat lunch by himself- surprise the teacher has not made him do this??
·         Jamie said you could borrow our Sadie's training collar with the remote lol. 
·         Sometimes when they are that young you have to not only correct them but show them. Try finding some video on you tube teach him about germs and show him how spitting in someone else food can cause them to get sick!! It's so tough when they are little but keep working with him is the best!
·         Mine got vinegar on the tongue for that and saying stupid and shut up. From John works!
·         Whatever he loves most of all should probably go away for a while 
·          Get him something to eat he really wants,and have someone spit on it?;)
·         I make them write sentences and take away the thing they love most (in my house that's video games).
·         Bless your heart. Jackson used to urinate on the kid next to him at potty break, so spiting isn't so bad!
·         God this brings back memories. My mom used to have punishment conferences with the soldiers on base for my brother.
·         A dab of Tabasco on the tongue? Tried that for potty talk in our house and it worked.
·         whatever you do, don't tell any stories about "when Mommy was Hudson's age"... 
·         Maybe sitting at the small table by himself for a few days would do the trick.
·         You are not alone! I am trying to find answers to the same kind of behavior. Thought about a shock collar a few times.

Parenting is SO much fun!


*no hate mail please.  I do not agree with some of the above ideas.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

almost FIVE!

I broke out my "good camera" today to snap some pictures of the twins, who will be FIVE in a few weeks!  It usually takes a few "sessions" to get BOTH to smile.  I got lucky today!

What I would not give to smell (I know eww for people who do not love babies) them again as newborns!  Heaven scent!  Speaking of scent!  It is SOO nice outside here in Charleston!  Crossing fingers for it to last!

off to see "Hootie" tonight.  Whoops.  Darius Rucker!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And just like that!

It has been over a week since my last blog post! We have been busy!
Here are a few pictures:

"TWINGLES" celebrated Daddy's birthday.

-Mommy went shopping in Mt. Pleasant. My favorite stores are Homegoods and Celadon.

Had lunch with my friend Amy. The Granary was very, very good!

Henry got in trouble at school. I could not help but to laugh at this note!

Daddy Chris finally hung my (Pottery Barn Bolton indoor/outdoor lantern) light in the foyer! I LOVE IT! I also finished painting the foyer. Went with the same color as the adjacent room ("formal living room"). SW Sea Salt. Now I am working on the hallway behind the foyer.

You can see the hallway in the above picture of where I am painting. Oh, and hanging pictures!

Photo bombing, Roadie, the cat.

You probably cannot tell much in the above picture, but I trimmed a bunch of camellias. PROGRESS! We probably have 20 large camellias on our property.

Henry and Hudson brought home some art from preschool yesterday. I grabbed two IKEA frames which were extras.

Now, to decide where to hang!

-had to buy a dishwasher. The other one had issues.

"Fireplace room" is starting to feel cozy!

-slowly getting rooms decorated. Progress!

My Fiddle Leaf Fig from IKEA is still alive!

Who is not addicted to Waterlogue app? I am!

-What else is happening in the "TWINGLES" household?

-I will spare you the details. Let me just say. Our house came with some attic friends. Think four-legs and rodent. Traps galore up there now. If only you could smell up there. Ugh!!!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

a few more pictures as promised

we are NOT moved in yet.  Moving-in this weekend!  Here is a pic (above) with some furniture in the living room.

the dining room.  Still being painted. 
 -the dining room rug is Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor.  They are my FAVORITE rugs!  It is a 6x9 and fits easily in any washing machine!



So far, this corner is my favorite
I could not be more in love with SW Sea Salt (living room) and SW Comfort Gray (dining room)!  LOVE them!
Amelia loves the crepe myrtles out front.
Speaking of trees-want to see why you are not seeing pics of the front of the house?
-the front yard is so overgrown, you cannot see the house!  Progress!
Happy Thursday!
I will be back more often with pictures!  Currently, my computer (used for the camera pics) is at one house and the internet is at the other!  That will change next week!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

a few pictures of our new house!


-I apologize!  I picked the WRONG time of day to take pictures!  The top picture does not really give you the real life pic of the floor and wall color.  The second picture does!

-Do not look too close.  Hubby still has to install the shoe molding.

-I love my new chandelier in the dining room!  It is hung and ready for my table!


-this is my new helper, "Rhodie Girl."  She is our new kitten we rescued and has only three legs! #crazycatlady

-I finished painting our "fireplace room."  It is a mess right now.  I also painted the fireplace mantel white.  So much better.  I cannot wait to get my furniture in there and start decorating!  Notice anything on the fireplace?  That is "Meow," our other cat.  This room is painted SW Shonji White.  LOVE it!  Nice and neutral because this room does not get much natural light.


Dining room heartburn.  Dining room stress.  Dining room ugh!  I am so in love with the color I chose for the "formal living room" above, I cannot decide on what to do with the dining room color.  Pretty sure I will choose the color one swatch up from SW Sea Salt.  It is called SW Comfort Gray.  I will probably make stripes in there as well.   Decisions.  Decisions.
Want to see my BEAUTIFUL{sarcasm} kitchen??  

a disaster right now!  We will be moving in the end of this month.
The kitchen will get a make-over soon!

-I will be back in a few days to let you see my choice for the dining room color (s) and foyer color.

 Do not get me started on the foyer!  Let me just say, I am NOT painting it purple...